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G42 Sports AI

G42 Sports AI is a project under incubation focused on building technologies and solutions that will reshape the world of sports and bring it into a new era. Its cutting-edge AI and Analytics solutions serve the athletes on the field, the fans watching off the field, and the organizations running the industry.

G42 Sports AI
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Sports Experience. Engineered.

G42 Sports AI technology will bring a comprehensive home-grown suite of analytics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence solution to both professional athletes and the general public, democratizing access to data in sports.

The company provides valuable insights and services to the industry thanks to a unique and powerful set of capabilities available to the overall Group, such as advanced AI, data analytics, computer vision, and its ability to fuse wearable, genomic, multi-omic, and performance data to generate unparalleled insights.

Capabilities and Solutions


Smart Dashboards

Advanced visualizations, interactive tools, knowledge graphs, API Integration, and data analysis tools to reshape the world of sports.


Big Data

Collecting big data from distributed computational streaming analysis, complex event analysis, and elastic data searching.


Computer Vision

Performing object tracking, detection, and recognition, action tracking and recognition, pose estimation analysis, homograghy, object segmentation, and optical character recognition.


Natural Language Processing / Speech Analysis

Leveraging natural language processing / speech analysis, to perform multilingual machine translation, conversational analysis, text summarization, automatic speech recognition, and Text2Speech.


Machine Learning

Creating event outcome predictions, pre-, in- and post-match performance evaluation, and what-if simulations.


Fan Engagement

Fan engagement is enhanced through sentiment analysis and Gaming Solutions.


Multimodality Fusion Analysis

Creating automated video summarization and video clipping and highlighting.


Athlete Wellness

G42 Sports’ technologies performs injury prevention, physiological and psychological monitoring, genome sequencing, and metagenomic sequencing.

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