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AI Research

Since our establishment, AI research has been foundational to our work. We are an active contributor to its advancement, having published hundreds of papers and conducting fundamental and applied research to provide cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems.

AI Research


Pushing the boundaries of AI further

Our inquisitive nature pushes us to constantly explore new territories in AI research, which we then translate into products and solutions to turn real world problems into opportunities that will propel humanity forward.

Our companies partner with both the public and private sectors, as well as the academic world, to unleash the power of data-driven insights to make better business decisions, streamline efficiencies, foster innovation, and drive value.

Case Studies

Areas of Research


Machine Learning

Driving the exploration of how ML can be applied across industries, from Healthcare and Oil & Ga, to Fintech and Smart Mobility


Computer Vision

Teaching machines to understand the visual world around us


Natural Language Processing

Breaking down language barriers between people and between people and machines


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