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From running the first AV program in the Middle East and transforming the Oil & Gas industry, to operating the national genomics program and building and operating the most powerful Cloud Computing infrastructure in the region, we create leading-edge responsible AI technology that’s grounded in science and delivers world-beating impact.


AI Research

AI can supercharge the world

At G42, pure scientific research and responsible innovation is the unshakeable foundation of our business, and we are building a global network of partners that share that vision. We are unafraid of finding new paths. Considered in applying it for the greater good. Always asking ourselves where it can - and most importantly where it should - take us.

Through our research institute, Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and our other group companies, we’re committed to bringing together the finest minds globally to advance research to tranform industries and societies.

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We champion AI as a force for good


Our areas of Impact


For cutting-edge thinking

Delivering impact through educational, research and development endeavours within AI


For breakthrough technolgy

Delivering impact through proprietary platforms and products that harness AI technology


For digital transformation

Delivering impact through services, infrastructure and solutions that enable industries' transformation


For societal needs

Delivering impact through holistic solutions of thinking, technology, transformation that serve societal needs, from healthcare to environmental preservation

We Serve the Greater Good



G42’s best-in-class technology and products place us in a unique position as a leader in creating a more sustainable future. We work closely with our stakeholders to achieve the UAE Government’s vision for the environment in order to promote sustainable d



We are a purpose-drive business that has a focus on positive social impact: from youth education to working with people of determination, we use AI to innovate responsibly and empower people to achieve their full potential


Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive working environment is an essential element of achieving exponential possibilities. The strength of our Company relies on the differences among each of us.

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