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What We Do

AI Research

Since our establishment, AI research has been foundational to our work. We are an active contributor to its advancement, having published hundreds of papers and conducting fundamental and applied research to provide cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems.

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Our AI solutions drive the transformation of the aviation industry by streamlining and automating ground handling operations, enhancing logistics and offering VR applications, making the industry more resilient to systemic shocks, efficient, and profitable.

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Cloud Computing

We are committed to leveraging our cloud computing capabilities to unleash the full potential of AI and maximize human potential and prosperity. We aim to work with the best technologies and the best partners to deliver value to every market in the world.

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Data Centers

As data storage and cloud infrastructure demand continues to rise globally, G42’s data centers are enabling digital transformation, propelling public and private organizations into a new era of intelligence, resilience, flexibility and commerciality.

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In response to the mounting pressure of climate change and sustainability on businesses and governments, G42 is utilizing artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies to help businesses and governments accelerate through their energy transformation journeys.

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We provide cutting edge AI-powered geospatial intelligence products and services to both public and private organizations in a wide range of sectors, including public services, environment, energy and resources, smart cities and transportation.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

At G42, we are harnessing data and advanced medical technologies to transform the traditional healthcare ecosystem. We are at the forefront of developing multiple innovative programs across Diagnostics, Digital Health, Therapeutics and Advanced Omics.

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Smart City & Sustainability

G42 sits at the forefront of cutting-edge urban planning, mobility and public safety technical solutions through our combined use of AI, Cloud and IoT. Our aim is to help build smarter, greener and safer cities.

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Public Services

As a leader in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, we are obsessed about exploring and harnessing the power of AI as a force for good, using it to improve every aspect of our community life as citizens, from e-government services to safety and security.

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We are building technologies and solutions that will reshape the world of sports and bring it into a new era. Our cutting-edge AI and Analytics solutions serve the athletes on the field, the fans watching off the field, and the leaders running the industry.

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Transportation & Mobility

We help end users meet their mobility and transport needs, solving the inconvenient parts of individual journeys. Using the swift exchange of geospatial information, we unleash real-time data gathering, analysis, prediction, and data-driven decisions.

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