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Our Companies

We develop and deploy cutting-edge, large-scale, AI-powered solutions for governments and large corporation, exponentially increasing the value of their data assets.


AIQ is a joint-venture between global energy leader ADNOC and UAE’s Artificial Intelligence frontrunner G42. The joint-venture was formally established in 2020 with AIQ focusing on developing and commercializing AI products and applications for the Energy industry.

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From below the ground to beyond the atmosphere, Bayanat’s surveying technology, based on over 40 years of experience, collects premium trusted data and feeds it to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. This is geospatial intelligence – we call it gIQ.

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G42 Cloud

G42 Cloud is building the region’s largest and most powerful AI optimized cloud infrastructure designed to make organizations more intuitive, agile, and efficient to solve real-world challenges.

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G42 Healthcare

A leading health-tech company, G42 Healthcare harnesses data and advanced medical technologies to unlock the potential of personalized and preventive care, transforming the traditional healthcare ecosystem.

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G42 Smart Nation

G42 Smart Nation drives AI-based digital transformation to enable cities of the future to be smarter, more sustainable and enhance the public, government, and commercial experience. It develops cutting-edge responsible technology at speed to expedite transitioning into a smart city, spanning across interconnected society, clean environment, smooth transport, connected government, public and commercial safety, and digitally powered economy

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G42 Sports AI

G42 Sports AI is a project under incubation focused on building technologies and solutions that will reshape the world of sports and bring it into a new era. Its cutting-edge AI and Analytics solutions serve the athletes on the field, the fans watching off the field, and the organizations running the industry.

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Hayat Biotech

As your partner in science and life, Hayat Biotech challenges the barriers of science to reimagine the future of life.

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Inception Institute of AI

IIAI is leading in fundamental and applied research that pushes the boundaries of AI knowledge and its application for solving complex problems in various domains and across industries.

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Injazat is an industry recognized market leader in the region for digital transformation, cloud, and cyber security. Injazat empowers organizations to optimize their business goals utilizing cloud and emerging technology solutions, and by co-creating transformational digital platforms and services through public-private partnerships.

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Khazna Data Centers

Khazna provides organizations with dedicated commercial wholesale data center solutions

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NEXT50, is a JV company between ADQ and G42, committed to developing advanced Industrial AI solutions to drive Abu Dhabi's technology vision forward and create value for the ecosystem. NEXT50 translates the complexities in operations, production, and maintenance into tangible results to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and profitability of the industries we work with.

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A leading AI and predictive intelligence company fusing Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning to power the next generation of cities, businesses and industries. Presight serves both public and private organizations to transform their most critical data into informational insights and empower them to build a smarter economy and a happier nation.

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