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Smart, AI-powered operations at Expo 2020 Dubai

Smart, AI-powered operations at Expo 2020 Dubai

Artificial Intelligence at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai’s smart, autonomous and
security and visitor operations

Undertaking to host 20+ millionvisitors responsibly in a post pandemic world requires severe and extreme measures on public safety. Beyond Covid-19 management, mega events involving hundreds of thousands of people in city scaled venues necessitates extraordinary planning, precautions, and complex operations to ensure that everyone in attendance has a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience.

Expo 2020, in this sense, was not an exception, but rather serves as a model for operational excellence in the post pandemic world.

Understanding Expo 2020's requirements for orchestrating a successful event, G42 Smart Nation undertook the ambitious project to integrate the functionalities of two crucial and different departments within Expo 2020 – Security and Operations.

G42 Smart Nation installed and commissioned an AI-enabled, cloud-powered, hardware and software integrated system to create a unified, holistic, security and operations management solution.

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With 120,000+ visitors and over 6,500 vehicles visiting Expo 2020 every day, the task at hand was to develop an integrated, smart and sustainable technological system that could deliver seamless operations, enhancing crisis management processes and doing so without inconveniencing supply or value chain or deterring visitor experience.


G42 Smart Nation's AI-powered advanced video analytics for vehicle and face recognition & behaviour analysis was performed on live-stream data input from 12,500 CCTV devices.

All the hardware acted as building blocks to create a comprehensive smart security and operations solution that offered the following capabilities:

  1. Live surveillance of Expo 2020 campus key areas, walkways, parks, car parking areas, perimeter, and the boulevard of Expo 2020

  2. Advanced behavior analytics of visitors on video streams, including fighting detection, intrusion detection, crowd detection, loitering detection, abandoned, and fast-moving object detection

  3. Vehicle access management and checkpoint systems for securing all entry and exit points of passenger vehicles, tracking provenance and count of vehicles, and detecting illegal parking

  4. Driver identification of passenger cars and delivery trucks, mapping drivers to their vehicles

  5. Smart seal for cargo vehicles to monitor truck loading and unloading operations

  6. Intelligent inspection for forbidden items detection and prevention

  7. Monitoring and management of automatic alerts and alarms defined based on threat scenarios customized for Expo 2020

  8. Video management system for live stream, playback, recording, and archiving

  • Our Deployment Our Deployment Our Deployment
CCTV Cameras

Thousands of cameras integrating AI-powered video analytics capabilities.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition devices to match vehicles' number plates with drivers.


Electronic Seals Tracking System to ensure safe delivery of goods across the Expo 2020 site.

Arm barriers

Automatic arm barriers to control access to the different Expo 2020 zones.

X-ray machines

Visitors x-ray machines to prevent dangerous items from being carried inside Expo 2020.

Video Analytics Platform

a convergent, cloud-based platform that leverages AI to provide real-time insights and situational analysis across multiple scenarios.

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Larger in size than the Principality of Monaco, Vatican City or Disneyland Resort in California, Expo 2020 is a city within the city, and as such, necessitates of perfectly coordinated services and operations to welcome millions of people from all over the world in complete safety and security.
Covid-19 put even more pressure on the organizer and host country to run the event in compliance with the requirements and recommendations of health authorities.

G42 Smart Nation’s AI-powered technology played a critical role in unlocking efficiencies that would not be achievable with standard systems, supporting the organizers and the authorities across a wide range of domains as they oversaw and managed event’s operations.

G42 Smart Nation's solution helped preventing and addressing thousands of incidents, potential threaths, unauthorized accesses and more, enabling a smooth delivery of Expo 2020.

The integration for Expo 2020 of smart sensors, video analytics, big data, digital twins, and AI capabilities, all seamlessly deployed on a secure cloud infrastructure, marks the beginning of a new era of operational intelligence and sets a new, efficient management model not only for large-scale events, but for campuses, airports, ports, heavy industry and entire cities.

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