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Time 100

Time 100

G42 Launches Evolved Brand at TIME Magazine’s Annual Time100 Impact Awards and Gala Event

The global event was held at the Museum Of The Future in Dubai.

G42 announced the launch of its evolved brand at TIME magazine’s Annual Time100 Impact Awards and Gala Event last month.

The event, which was held at the Museum Of The Future in Dubai, saw G42 Group CEO Peng Xiao take the stage in front of some of the world’s most influential personalities to explain the role G42 and AI play as enablers of a better future for humanity. This was also when G42’s renewed brand mark was officially revealed.

In choosing to launch its brand at this particular event, G42 cited the global event’s theme of Building a Better Future as being perfectly in line with the company’s brand purpose. As a leading AI and Cloud Computing company, G42 is using AI and advanced technologies to invent a better every day and realize exponential possibilities for everyone.

G42’s brand evolution is more than just an aesthetic change. It is a journey towards articulating the company’s brand essence, and synthesizing it internally and externally with its purpose and beliefs. It’s an experiential transformation as the Company embarks on the next phase of its international expansion.

With its launch of an evolved brand identity, G42 is reaffirming its dedication to championing AI as a tool for positive change.

This event marked an exciting chapter in the company’s journey as it continues to lead the way in shaping a better future for us all.

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