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A leading AI and predictive intelligence company fusing Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning to power the next generation of cities, businesses and industries. Presight serves both public and private organizations to transform their most critical data into informational insights and empower them to build a smarter economy and a happier nation.

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Future-ready AI solutions to transform real-world data into actionable intelligence

Presight's all-source Big Data cloud-based platform, powered by AI, provides out-of-the-box advanced data analytics capabilities to support its clients’ strategic decision-making.

Presight enables stakeholders in both the public and private sectors to make intelligence-driven decisions. Its solutions help steer digital transformation and simplify customers' challenges across a range of industries, including digital governments, national security, national cloud, healthcare, financial sectors, and infrastructure.

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Pandemic Control

Analyzes the distribution and determinants of diseases distribution and uses the findings to control diseases and other health problems.


Healthcare Resource Analysis

Analyzes and predict hospital beds, healthcare provider availability, medical staff capacity, and resource planning.


Policy Intervention Analysis

Predicts and monitors how public health interventions impact diseases control, economy, and safety of the nation.



Data intelligence that provides actionable insights from public sector data and ensures operational success.


Smart Tourism

Our technology allows us to illustrate hotel capacity data trends and plan for hotel development. We also provide Tourism Analysis, which uses hotel, flight, and attractions capacity trending to predict tourism revenue.



Digital ID & Biometrics AI

End-to-end identity management and biometrics products to provide secure, accurate, proven proof of identity for National ID systems, Border Clearance, Digital Identity for onboarding and KYC, and Access to both physical and digital spaces

Meet Our Team

Thomas Pramotedham

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Pramotedham

Chief Executive Officer

A digital transformation leader and technology advocate who has supported and driven government smart city strategies and initiatives in Asia, Thomas now leads the Presight AI and Analytics businesses in G42, with a focus on creating nation-building partnerships in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, through capabilities enablement and sharing of G42’s journey in supporting UAE’s digital transformation successes. In his career of over 22 years, he has held management and thought leadership positions across Asia, always focusing on leveraging technology to solve real-world problems. Before moving to UAE, he was the CEO of Esri Singapore, the world leader in Geospatial Technology and a key partner in driving Singapore’s successful Smart Nation programs

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