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G42 to support UAE Net Zero 2050 goal

G42 to support UAE Net Zero 2050 goal

G42 to support UAE Net Zero 2050 goal

G42 joins the climate pledge on the back of the recent announcement that UAE will host COP28 in 2023

G42, the leading Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company announces its pledge to support the UAE in eliminating its planet-warming emissions by 2050, a goal set forth by the nation at the UN COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in early November. According to this mandate, the UAE plans to invest over US$ 160 billion, a national drive to eliminating carbon emissions. G42 joins the climate pledge on the back of the recent announcement that UAE will host COP28 in 2023, a key milestone and testament to the efforts made by the country to keep climate change at the forefront of its national agenda.

As a company that exists to champion AI as a tool that powers progress and solves complex challenges facing the world today, G42 is committed to becoming net zero by optimizing its own carbon footprint across its data centers and broader operations. The company’s data centers already target higher-power usage effectiveness and are fitted with solar panels and efficient cooling systems that use treated sewage and recycled water. G42 is also the proud owner of Artemis, a supercomputer currently ranked 22nd globally on the Green500, a list of the most energy and environmentally-friendly supercomputers in the world.

The company plans to further integrate sustainability into all of its products and services, leveraging its capabilities across the geospatial, smart city and analytics domains, as well as its growing network of partners, collaborators and customers to spearhead the efforts toward climate action. G42 will also utilize its experience as a digital transformation agent to support partners and other organizations in defining and achieving their sustainability targets in transitioning to a cleaner economy.

Commenting on the pledge and company’s future plans, Peng Xiao, Group CEO, G42 said, “At G42, we take climate change very seriously and, as we grow, we want to ensure sustainability sits at the very core of our corporate strategy. We are committed to supporting the UAE leadership with its 2050 goals and will leverage our technologies to further elevate UAE’s standing as a global climate leader. Our plan is to continue exploring robust partnerships and put AI and cloud computing at the service of the global sustainability agenda for present and future generations.”

Commenting on UAE’s climate action plans, Xiao continued, “We are very pleased that the UAE will be hosting COP28 in 2023. The UAE is an inclusive nation that prioritizes economic and social growth by recognizing the impact of climate change and we at G42 will strive to leverage our capabilities towards enabling an optimal carbon economy and lead to an overall smart, circular economy, here in the UAE as well as globally.

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