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G42 Offers Supercomputer Against 2019-nCoV Outbreak

G42 Offers Supercomputer Against 2019-nCoV Outbreak

Group 42 Offers Supercomputer Against Coronavirus Outbreak

Researchers from academic and non-profit organizations are invited to submit proposals for free-of-charge computing capacity at Artemis, one of world’s most powerful supercomputers. Proposals may include work in any area of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) research, from genomic epidemiology to clinical assessment or vaccine development.

Abu Dhabi – Group 42 (G42), the UAE based leading AI and Cloud Computing company, has announced that it is offering high-throughput computational and AI services free-of-charge to scientific researchers working on any aspect of the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

“G42 and the UAE wish to show solidarity with the people affected by this outbreak, by making available our powerful computing capacity to contribute towards rapid scientific solutions”, said Peng Xiao, CEO of G42. “This is an open invitation to the international research, and medical communities to join forces as the coronavirus outbreak persists. It is essential for the world to collaborate against this epidemic – and to do it fast.”

G42 has, over recent years, been developing a pioneering healthcare and genomics practice. The company is delivering ultra-high-throughput sequencing and analysis capabilities for the Abu Dhabi Genome Program, with partners Oxford Nanopore and BGI. Moreover, G42 is already collaborating with local authorities to provide access to portable advanced diagnostic kits that will help prevent and detect 2019-nCoV infections across the UAE’s border.

G42 is inviting international researchers to make proposals to use Artemis, the world’s 26th most powerful supercomputer, in any field that contributes solutions to the challenge of the current coronavirus outbreak. Its computing capacity will be offered at no charge to academic and non-profit organisations. Specifically, the invitation is addressed to:

  • Researchers interested in rapid vaccine development, where simulation may reduce the development time of a vaccine
  • Researchers developing clinical assessment technologies
  • Researchers developing genomic tools for diagnosis or surveillance of the virus
  • Researchers mapping and predicting trends in the outbreak

Dr. Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore, collaborating with G42 in the provision of high-throughput sequencing capabilities for the Abu Dhabi Genome Programme, supported this invitation: “In this, as other outbreaks, we have seen the importance of rapid, powerful data analysis, and we commend this outreach by G42. Supporting the nCoV situation is much broader than the sequencing capacity for which we are supporting public health professionals; we commend this call for cooperation across multiple scientific disciplines.”

International nCoV support

Further to driving efforts in the scientific community, G42 is also supplying hundreds of thousands of units of essential goods such as surgical masks, medical gloves, goggles and protective clothing to the areas affected by the virus in China.

Additionally, in collaboration with its partners, the company is setting up joint lab operations, training medical and security personnel, as well as coordinating with international health authorities to assist them in the creation of effective prevention and detection protocols.

For further information on this initiative and proposals submission send an email to

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